Apple Class plan a party

Following on from a discussion with a child about the fact that she liked writing letters and posting them at home, Apple Class decided to write invitations.  Then they realised that invitations needed a party!  We wrote a list of all the things we needed to do and after 3 days of work we celebrated Baby's 1st birthday!
We made a post box and wrote invitations before posting them.
We wrapped up presents - using scissors and tape.  We had to work out if the paper was big enough to cover the boxes we chose.
We made party hats and decorations, using paint, glue and sprinkling glitter.
We gave Mrs Threlfall a shopping list of the ingredients we would need for our cakes.  We learnt how to use balance scales to weigh the ingredients. We used our arm muscles to mix it well.  We talked about how cakes are just for special occassions because they are not very healthy.  We voted to decide on the colours of our cakes - one blue and one pink!
It's party time!  We gave Baby her presents and sang 'Happy Birthday'.  We gave her one clap because she is one.  We waited patiently for our piece of cake, and then danced to some action songs.  We joined in with singing some of them.  What a fabulous party we had!