School Closure Tasks - WB 30/03/20

Good Morning Ash Class!!
Here are some tasks to work on this week.
Mums and Dads, please remember that we're very aware that many of you are working from home as well as trying to be educators to children of different ages. Be kind to yourselves, just find little pockets of time when you can try to do some focused work together. 
 You're all doing a great job!!
Things to Do:
PE with Joe Wicks (I am also doing these) - these 30 minute workouts are streamed live on Joe's YouTube channel at 9am but are also uploaded to his page to access whenever you want. He also has shorter workouts. 
 Boys and girls - Don't forget your water and eat afterwards, you need to 'refuel your body!  Don't worry if your muscles hurt after this sort of activity, it means that they are getting stronger!  
I have uploaded a PowerPoint that explains the science behind exercise a little more. 
 If you fancy a boogie instead!
Read, Read, Read!!!  School books, books at home, cookbooks, your awesome non-fiction books that you show me, online books - anything!!!  
Here are some stories that you can listen to and read along with.
You could do a book review of these stories.  What is the title? Who is the author? What is the book about? Who are the character? What happens? Did you like?
If you record these then Mums and Dads can send them to me at
If you been given a Read Write Inc booklet choose a sound a day, say the sound and rhyme, read the green words and spell them, can you put them into a sentence?
Everyone - Phonics lessons are available on Ruth Miskins YouTube channel - Set 2 and Set 3 sounds.
Choose a sentence writing activity from your pack.
Listen to this story 
What fierce, scary creatures did the people in the town try to frighten away the
dragon dinosaur with?
What other scary creatures could have been used to frighten the Dragon Dinosaur? Can you create your own fierce creature? Can you use African animals to do this? You could mix animals and take parts from each one, such as a RhinoCheetah who has the speed of a cheetah with the sharp horn of a rhino.
Draw the creatures and label each one with their name.
Can you describe the creatures using your most creative adjectives (describing wow words)?
 Your spellings for this week are:
going       jumping     singing      talking    cooking     meeting    buzzing    playing    eating    reading

Read them, spell them and add them to a sentence.
See attached PowerPoint for measuring length and height.
Complete tasks set on School360 FrogPlay by logging into school360 (contact me if you are having issues with login details) click on Resources and choose frog play from the main menu. Homework can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted squares on the calendar.
Pick a page from your pack to complete and complete a Big Maths sheet.
Choose a problem of the day to complete. (questions and answers uploaded)
Continue to access online games (links on the general info page).
Bake (ingredients permitting) you can get loads of maths learning through baking and cooking, if you read, write or record your instructions then you've hit some English as well. 
 Topic - Amazing Africa
Explore Google Earth/Maps - just like we have in class using your zooming in and zooming out skills.  Where can you visit?  Google maps also offer photos and facts.
Wild Earth is a website full of videos that take you on a virtual safari.
Many people travel to Kenya to go on safari in one of the wildlife parks and reserves there. Some of the most famous parks and reserves are:

The Masai Mara National Reserve

Lake Nakuru National Park (lots of flamingoes!)

Mount Kenya National Park

The Tsavo National Parks (Tsavo East and Tsavo West)

Lots of people go on safari to see Africa's amazing landscape and animals. We have already talked about The Big Five. They are the African elephant, the black rhinoceros, the Cape buffalo, the lion and the leopard.  
Spend some time exploring this website, it is full of amazing facts, pictures and activities.  Spend some time finding facts about African animals - what they eat, where they live etc  if you make a poster or a presentation please don't forget to send it to me at

Take care everyone, please keep in touch.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss L