This half term UKS2 are having Basketball coaching with Coach Chris from Morpeth Basketball club. We had a great time in our first session learning how to make sure our team mates are ready to catch the ball and practising our aiming skills. We finished of by dribbling walking forwards and side stepping like a crab.  Have a look at the pictures from our first training session. 
Another week brings us a new set of skills. We started be recapping what we had learnt last week. Then we focused on the importance of communication between player on the court and how these can be verbal and non verbal. We put this into practise by playing a game, where we were able to show of our 'hustling' skills. Have a little look at some pictures from our 2nd training session. 
Another week brings another set of skills. This week Coach has been helping us with our shooting and dribbling techniques further. We even managed a few games against each other, where we learnt the importance of communication. This week CC was so impressed with our improvement he handed our medals for  the most improved in communication and skills and also the most improved dribbler, which was so difficult to decide he had to choose 2 people.