Today we became Victorian children for the day and visited Beamish to experience what life was really like during this historical period! We began our day at the school... This really was an experience! We lined up outside the school building and were greeted 'loudly' by the Headmistress and her school bell. She marched us along to our classroom where we then had to do our reading, writing and arithmetic work in silence. Although it was a little scary at times, we learnt so much about schools in the Victorian period.
After lunch we visited the Pit Village, and the mine. We learnt about the life of children who worked down the mines during the Victorian times - we know which life we would prefer!
We then visited the 1900s Town area where we visited the garage, the dentist, the grocery, the bakers and the sweet shop. We were amazed at how different everything looked compared to the shops that we use today.
We had a great time at Beamish and have certainly learnt a lot about the life of a Victorian child.