A bit of Guidance

Hello Everyone

Mrs Young here!

I hope you are all keeping well.  I’m sorry you can’t come into school right now but we need to stay safe at home for the next couple of weeks but don't worry I’ve got lots of work on here to keep you busy so enjoy your tasks. 

Here are some notes for Mums and Dads:

  • Click on "Day 1" etc to see the planning for that day.
  • There will be a bit of teaching on a video link then there is a worksheet and some practical ideas as follow up work.  You may want your child to do all these tasks or just the worksheet or just the practical jobs.  See how they (and you) feel at the time.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t print out the worksheets, the children can just write their answers on pieces of paper. 
  • I've included a physical challenge each day to keep your child active.  There is a brief description on each day's plan but there is more detail on a separate resource in case you need more  help with the task.
If you have any problems, or you would like to share photos of your work you can get in touch with me on:


See you soon!