Corona Virus School Closure - Parent information (updated 30.03.20)

Hello Everyone
How are you all doing? I've updated the list of online resources below, if you find any good ones please email so I can share.
I'd really value some feedback on the work I've set so far.  Did you have any problems?  Was it easy to understand?  And I'd particularly like to see any photos of pictures or activities the children have been busy with.  Please feel free to email me.  
The essential websites to help you:
  • - click on resources.  The Frogplay games will help with the English, Maths and science.  J2Blast will help with times table recall.  The encyclopedia is good for research (DK is best).
  • Times Table Rockstars and Numbots - see if they can beat their scores.
  • - Hit the Button is particularly good on here.
Some other useful websites:
General bank of ideas for home learning:
The fun stuff:
  • Keep a scrapbook/diary/blog (this will be really interesting to look at in years to come)
  • Birdwatching - you can do this from your own house.  Put some crumbs or seeds out to encourage our feathered friends to visit.
  • Sew, knit, crochet, cook and bake.
  • Colour in, do arts and crafts, make models.
  • Go for scavenger hunts and make dens (even in the house)
  • Sing some songs and make musical instruments out of junk.
  • Do jigsaws and play board games.
  • Keep active!  Don't forget Joe Wicks does a PE lesson every morning at 9am (Youtube The Body Coach)
I am available by email:  
Take care everyone.