blog-28th February

In Pear class this week we have been thinking about being healthy and the foods we should be eating to stay healthy and well. We looked at creating a healthy shopping list and realised that healthy foods are so full of colour- we should all taste the rainbow! 
We decided to think about how much sugar is in some of the foods we enjoy and so measured out the sugar contained in these products using the scales - it was not surprising to us that water contained no sugar but we were all shocked that apple juice contained whopping amounts! 
In our writing work we wrote about what we could see from our class experiment graph - some of us were even able to copy a full sentence and write our own short phrases! Well done to our writing wizard of the week - Finnley, who produced some fantastic independent brave writing. It is wonderful seeing some of our more reluctant writers choosing to write in the classroom now and words are turning into phrases which will soon be sentences.
In our maths work we have been counting in twos to ten - we have all taken really well to this and we have also been introduced to 1p,2p,5p and 10p coins. At home it would be great if you could allow your child to count these coins and even attempt to buy something using them! We all demonstrated our strong knowledge of repeating patterns by creating patterns with our healthy veg, buying healthy goods to cook recipes in our home corner and measuring out healthy drinks with oranges and limes using funnels and jugs.
In PE this week we demonstrated different ways of moving on apparatus- thinking about what things made our hearts beat faster and how much exercise we needed to do to increase the heat in our bodies. Our jumping skills have greatly improved with many of us able to jump and land with our feet together - there were even some front rolls thrown in!
Well done to Pheobe and Harry for gaining stars of the week certificates for hard work and super attitudes this week - Pheobe  brought her home made robot Robie in to see the class. She worked so hard on this home project and it is always so great to see the things the children in Pear class choose to create independently.
Unfortunately in the Friday rush we forgot to send out the chatter books this week - apologies for that. They will be sent out next week and we would love it if you could encourage the children to use these to tell their classmates about their weekends. Sharing during circle time is so important and the children love it but if their is nothing in their books they often struggle to think about what to talk about. It really does not need to be pictures if you don't have this facility but pictures , numbers and letters are always lovely to share.
Have  a great weekend and we will see you next week for more learning fun!
The Pear class team.