Blog - 11th January

Happy New Year to you all from everyone in Plum Class, we really do hope you've had a very enjoyable Christmas break. 


In our Read, Write Inc sessions this week we have been learning to read and write simple sentences. Some of us understood this really well but everyone still needs lots of practice as we move on to trickier sentences. 


In our number work this week we have been focusing mainly on 'teen' numbers. Some of us recognise most numbers 11-20, with the odd one that we sometimes forget (12,13 and 15 usually). This might be something you'd like to practise over the weekend! Hiding lots of teen numbers around your house and seeing if your child can find and say them would be a good game. 


We've also been concentrating on adding teen numbers (11+2=13 or 12+3=15) we've practised in many ways but this is something we will continue to do over the course of this half term. 


This week we have started one of our new topics about common garden birds. We compared two birds and noticed similarities and differences. We discussed the word migration and why some birds fly to hotter countries during the winter months and how birds in our country survive the winter.


To give these birds a helping hand we made bird seed fat balls, using mixed bird seed, fat and peanuts. On Wednesday we were able to go out into our garden and onto the school field to place the fat balls in sensible places for the birds to find them and eat them. In pairs, we discussed what would make a good place (not hidden away so the birds couldn’t find it!). We also had a checklist and had to tick off if we saw birds flying, sitting in a tree, drinking etc.


Lastly, we drew a detailed observation of our favourite garden bird which can be found on our display wall in the classroom. 


At the end of the week, we turned our attention to our whole school project - changing the school hall display.  Across the school, each class is thinking about our environment - things that harm it and things we can do to improve it.  In Plum class, we listened to a story and a song about being a 'defender of the earth'.  All of the children were able to talk about ways in which they can help care for the world we live in.  We look forward to getting our display up in the hall next week.  Maybe you could think of ways that your family help to look after the environment over the weekend. 


In our PE, we worked with balls and we have begun to think about passing with care and control.  It was great to get our PE kits back on after such a long break before the holidays!


Have a great weekend - see you all on Monday.


Miss Whitlow and Mrs Grimes