Blog - 11th October

We are really doing very well our read, write inc sounds. We’ve learnt another three sounds this week which were ‘k, u and b’ thank you for your continued support at home. See if you can find objects around the house that begin with these initial sounds. 


In our number work we have been carefully counting lots of objects and making towers of up to 10 cubes and then learning to add ‘one more.’ We’ve learnt which number comes next and our activity involved us working together with a friend.  One friend built a tower (of up to 10) and then our partner had to make a tower that had one more cube.


Our focus numbers have been 6 and 7. We’ve  been carefully and correctly forming numbers  6 and 7.  Some of us found number 6 the trickiest! So lots of practice at home will really benefit your child. The number sheets will be in your child's file. 


Thank you to lots of friends for bringing in autumn treasures this week and including a little blurb in your child’s green chatter book! The children have loved sharing their stories of things they've done at the weekend with the rest of the class  - it’s a great way to build and develop confidence and communication and language skills. 


In our topic work this week we have been focusing on nocturnal animals - and hedgehogs in particular. We’ve learnt about what nocturnal means and we’ve learnt a few hedgehog facts. Ask your child what a baby hedgehog is called and what hedgehogs do all winter! They should be able to tell you that they hibernate and in the autumn months collect lots of autumn objects to help them build a cosy shelter for them to keep warm and dry all winter.


In the latter part of the week, we have continued with the theme of hibernation in our topic work, but we have moved on from studying hedgehogs and their habitats, to bears and where they hibernate and their reasons for doing this. We spent time creating our own hibernation station where we placed our animals for their long sleep until spring time; we built caves and shelters using various materials and pretended that we were bears, considering what we would need to make us feel warm, safe and rested. If you ask your children what ‘huge’ words they have learnt this week, they should be able to tell you all about hibernation, nocturnal animals and predators.


Scarily, we have to mention the big ‘C’ word… that is right - Christmas preparation has already started in Pear class! The children have been enthusiastically creating their festive cards so that these can be processed in time for you to order and send out to family and friends. Careful colour selections and good fine motor control have meant we have created some lovely cards for you to enjoy in the coming months. The children also enjoyed telling us about some of their Christmas traditions which has kick-started our (perhaps a tad early) festive spirit in Pear class.


In our literacy, we focused on the story ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ and had our first introduction into story mapping. As a class we ordered the story settings into a visual sequence. The children were then able to individually order and retell the story using visual aids. It would be helpful if, when reading to your child at home, you have them retell the events or the settings in the story as this will strengthen skills in this area of learning. Maths this week focused on positional mathematical language: next to, above, under, beside, in front etc. Alongside our maths provisions, we read the ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ story again, implementing the positional phrases - we went over the long wavy grass and under the swirling snowstorm. We had great fun doing this although we all agreed that we would be too frightened to go on a real bear hunt! Using this positional language every day with your children will again strengthen their understanding.


Our PE lesson was great fun! We did the ‘hokey kokey’, played the baked bean game and completed positional obstacle courses with a blindfolded partner, guiding them through, under and over, to get to the end of the course. We did have a winning team and victory was rewarded with automatic gold star places! Another busy, busy week.


 Have a great weekend whatever you do, it would be great to find out about everyone's weekend from their home learning book next week. 



 We would really like to add to our 'All About Me' display board and for this weeks home learning task we would love it if your child could create a poster of themselves! We would love it if you would make a poster of things your child likes doing, interesting facts about them or their favourite things. For an example Miss Whitlow was born in Dubai U.A.E she would have this somewhere on her poster or a small world map showing this! Mrs Horne- Smith has a cat eye which is very unique to her and Mrs Pickard used to work on the Disney Cruise ship, so they would include this somewhere on their poster. You can be as creative as you like. You can use cut outs or photos but please remember these will be going on display in our classroom so no details of children's personal information (address) or anything along those line should be included. We can't wait to see these as the children really benefit from listening and speaking to their peers. 


See you all next week.