Blog - 13th December

Wow! How amazing were the children throughout the Christmas plays? We are all so thrilled and very proud of them for sitting so brilliantly throughout, acting confidently when on stage and joining in with all the songs. A big well done to everyone in Pear Class!


As you can imagine this has taken a lot of time and most of this week has been taken up with rehearsals and song practice, but we have managed to squeeze in some number and writing work.


On Monday we enjoyed playing football with Ryan the football we coach. The children listened very well to each instruction and demonstrated much skill with their ball work! 


 We began the week with the classic story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’.  Of course, this is such a familiar story to the children and they enjoyed re-telling it verbally. We then enjoyed a bit of sustained shared thinking to explore aspects of the story that we can’t see on the page.  Sustained shared thinking is when we talk together about something that doesn’t have a definite answer.  We have to share and develop our own ideas.  The question I posed to the children was “Where did the tiger come from?”  The children were quickly able to come up with many imaginative ideas but the common answers were 'from a jungle or a zoo.' 


We’ve finished he week off this weekby working on our subtraction. We completed lots of practical subtraction work before writing down the number stories. 


Alongside our very busy week we’ve been making lots more Christmas crafts ready to be taken home next week!

 Ahead of the general election taking place this week we decided to have a vote in our classroom. We discussed the general election, who the current government are and what they do.

 Following from this we voted for our favourite Christmas story. The children had a choice of 4 books ‘Sproutzilla vs Christmas,’ ‘The Sugar Plum Fairy’s Wand,’ ‘The Stinky Sprouts in a rather smelly Christmas tale’ and lastly ‘The Christmas Selfie Contest.’

 The children were given a piece of paper with their name on to use as the vote and then one by one they placed it in the basket of their favourite story.

 It was decided that ‘Sproutzilla vs. Christmas’ was the story that most children voted for with 15 votes. The Sugar Plum Fairy’s Wand was a close second.

 The children really enjoyed voting and respected their friend’s decision. No one was influenced by their friend’s vote so each child chose individually. Each child understood that their vote counted towards the final result.

 In the latter part of the week we have been reading and enjoying the story The Jolly Christmas Postman and producing our own video review of the story. The children worked hard to learn their lines and convey their speech clearly for an audience. In our literacy we have also been considering the big question 'how should I wrap a special present?' The children considered what 'special' means to them and what sort of presents they would like to give to others. We thought about how to keep this present safe from damage or being lost and decided that a special present did not need to be something we can touch and could actually be a kind word, or a hug!

In our maths work we looked at size in our maths provisions in the classroom and created Christmas tree picture made up of longest - shortest pieces of coloured paper. The language of size is becoming common place in our classroom and it is always helpful if you can reiterate this at home - What is the tallest tree? The smallest bird? The biggest house?

We have also been very busy producing our Christmas crafts  - watch this space!

Don't forget there are many events still to come next week.

It's Christmas lunch and party on Wednesday and the children are invited to come to school wearing their party clothes. Please be mindful that children will be playing outside so sensible footwear is a must! Then it is our annual Christingle on Thursday at 2.00pm. Everyone is welcome to join us in St Pauls church. Children will be picked up back at school after this event.

This will be the last blog post for this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to lots more fun and busy work in 2020.

The Pear class team.