Blog - 18th May

The children had a very exciting start to the week, when Guy came to visit us and brought with him the most amazing ‘mega’ beasts! The children were astonished by the size of one of the world’s biggest toads! They loved having the millipede walk across their arm – some even wore this as a bracelet. We got the pleasure of seeing a python snake, a dead leaf cockroach, a tree bark stick insect, a blue tongue lizard and many more. Thankyou to the Swansfield Park Friends committee for paying for this. The friends spend their money on exciting things like this for the children of Swansfield Primary. All the money is raised at different events during the year, Easter Bingo, disco’s, Summer fair and it is put back into the school for purposeful events like the ‘mini beast man!’ If you are interested and would like to become a part of the friends comminute please come and see me, often it will just be ‘helping out’ at the events with something simple like assisting on the tea and coffee stand.

Other exciting news is that most of the butterflies have hatched now and they have had their big release. The children have watched them grow over the past couple of weeks and the facts they have learnt are incredible!


Thank you to all that came and enjoyed family lunch with us, it really is a lovely special moment for your child to have someone there to share a very enjoyable and tasty lunch!


Some children may have gone home this week and started talking about ‘o’clock and half past’ this week we have been learning this. We know now that on an analogue clock the minute hand is the longer hand and the hour hand is the shorter hand. We have learnt that the minute had will be on the 12 if it is o clock and if it is on 6 that means its half past. 


I have really pushed and encouraged independent sentence writing this week. At any given opportunity the children have been writing sentences independently. After ‘Guy’ came in the children wanted to draw, make and paint pictures and models of their fabulous mega beasts which of course they were allowed to do if they wrote a sentence about it before or after making it! This is something you could really encourage at home. Remember not every word needs to be correctly spelt, as long as your child is sounding out each word phonetically is it still independent writing.

Bike ability is back next week for all those children who have not yet had a turn. We are still trying to improve the children’s balance, with this in mind you are encouraged to remove your child’s stabilisers and pedals once your child has completed the course, you will be amazed how well your children can ride their bikes.