Blog - 20th September

That’s the end of another busy week!


We are so impressed with all of the children this week.  They’ve come into school happily and worked hard all week!


We began our week with Read Write Inc and our new sounds are 'd, t and i.' In your child's letters sounds and number folder this week I have put in number formation sheets for 0,1, 2 and 3.  It would be great if you could continue to practise these at home. 


In our number work, our focus numbers this week have been 2 and 3. We've learnt rhymes to help us remember to form the numerals correctly. To help us write number 2 we say 'around and back on a railroad track, two, two, two. For number 3 we say 'around the tree, around the tree, that's the way we make a 3. Maybe at home this weekend you could pracitse writing number 2 and 3 in your chatter book.  You could have a go at matching objects to the correct number. Write down number 2 or 3 and let your child have a go at counting out objects to match the numbers. 


Still on the theme 'all about me' we created our own faces / bodies using natural materials outside on the big field. The children looked closely at details on their own faces and made sure they found something to represent each feature on their natural face. When we came back into the classroom Miss Whitlow put our photo's of our natural faces from outside onto the smart board so we could discuss and talk about each others faces that we had made. They were all so different even though we made them with similar resources. We all used leaves, sticks and wooden blocks but they looked so different! You could have a go at making your own faces and talking about the different features on your face. 


On Monday we had out first session at forest school with Mrs Pickard. The children had great fun at making their own stick men. They explored the new forest school environment and we followed their interests. We found lots of insects which sparked whole class discussions. We spoke about and discussed Forest School rules and how we must behave when at forest school so we can enjoy great challenges. We can't wait for next Monday!


In Pear Class we have a little saying - it’s good to have busy fingers and a busy brain.  We’ve been giving our fingers a very good work out this week by practicing our cutting skills and having plenty of opportunity to hold and use a variety of mark making materials.  It’s so important that we all master a really comfortable tripod grip around pencils, pens, brushes and crayons. Come in and ask if you’re not sure what this should look like. We will be continuing to focus on our fine motor skills next week too!


Don’t forget about our School 360 and Read Write Inc informal drop in session next week. This will be from 3pm on Wednesday 25th in Plum Class (Mrs Grimes Classroom). It won’t take too long and we will just talk you through our phonics program and how we use School360 in the Early Years. 

 The latter part of our week was just as action packed in Pear class.
In our practical maths we have been exploring shapes; namely
circles, squares, triangles and oblongs. The children have been
working in their post-office posting the correct shaped letters to
their friends, making shape faces and creating shapes using
materials such as popsticks, pipe cleaners and playdough. It would be
beneficial if, for their home learning, the children could try to
identify shapes we see all around us - clocks, roofs, televisions and
dining tables are all good ways to check your child’s understanding
and contextualise the learning we have done in class.

Another huge area for excitement this week was a visit from The
Pearl Of Africa Choir! Pear class had our first experience in whole
school assembly and I am pleased to report that not only were the
choir amazing, but so too were our wonderful Pears. I was very proud
of how well the children listened and how respectful and encouraging
they were whilst listening to the performance and in their vigorous
hand clapping at the end!

PE was largely successful this week with lots of games to encourage
strong movement and teamwork. IF we could gently remind you to
put names in every item of clothing and footwear - it makes for an
easier and calmer change when PE has finished.

Our literacy work this week involved lots of fine motor activities to
strengthen the hand muscles. We have been working at identifying
our own names and writing the letters in our name using correct
pencil grip. Following on from the six Read Write Inc sounds that we
have learnt in reception so far: msadti, we have begun to construct
CVC words such as ‘dad’ and ‘sit’. The more children say and
recognise these sounds, the easier it is for them to begin to ‘read’
words by sounding out. We would therefore encourage you to use the
file we send home on Fridays to work with your child so that these
sounds become second nature.

Our week was concluded with a whole class treat for filling up our
class behaviour jar with marbles. We spent the afternoon on the
adventure playground climbing, balancing and jumping whilst we also
worked in groups to construct a land collage of a person, using
natural materials we could find in the school grounds. The children in
Pear class worked amazingly well in teams and we were all proud of
the end result.

Please make sure you have filled in your data and photo consent forms so we can start unloading lots of photos from our week! 


We do hope that you all have a great weekend and we’ll look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Miss Whitlow and Mrs Horne-Smith