Blog - 22nd November

Another fun and busy week in Pear class! This week our letter sounds were w, qu and th. As usual we will be sending the letter files home so that you can practice these sounds with your child.
In our number work we have been making number stories using addition. If you ask your child, they will be able to show you the add pose using their arms! We have been using an addition frame and animal figures to enable your child to use addition practically to instill their understanding of addition sums. At home, it will be helpful if you get your child to write number stories, for example:
2 + 1 =3
4 + 2 = 6.
In our topic work, we have been learning about day and night. We gained an understanding in what sources produce light and how light can only travel in straight lines. We learnt that light can't go through objects and therefore we get shadows. We've had great fun making our own shadows and using torches to help us explore!
In the latter half of the week we have been celebrating National Nursery Rhyme week. As a class we have enjoyed singing lots of rhymes, created our own Incy Wincy spiders, worked at sinking our rowing boats and played with water and pipes to wash Incy Wincy down the drain. Our focus rhyme was Humpty Dumpty and we conducted our very own 'eggs-periment!'We worked hard to consider why Humpty Dumpty fell into pieces and decided that we would boil our own eggs to see if this stopped this from happening. After we had decorated our  Humpty Dumpty eggs, we built a wall and our experiment began: whose egg would smash and whose would survive? We discovered that whilst some of our eggs were able to balance on the wall, many did crack, but as we had boiled the eggs, the insides were hard and meant the eggs did not fall into pieces!
Our nursery rhyme thee continued into our maths work. We created a nursery rhyme favourites tally chart and discussed our findings as a class. Humpty Dumpty came out on top as a firm favourite and we discovered that Baa Baa Blacksheep was the least favourite in Pear class.
In our literacy work we started a very important and exciting task! Mrs Horne-Smith had received an email from Santa for us: we were to write our letter to him, describing what we would like for christmas ! We all worked hard to decorate our envelopes and write our letter using the sounds we have already learnt. We will be taking an exciting trip down to the post office next week to  post these letters so that we are able to receive a reply from Santa before Christmas!
Once again, a gentle reminder that we would like to complete our 'Get Caught Reading' display so we would love for you to bring in a picture of your child reading in a funny place so that we are able to encourage your child to enjoy spending time in the reading corner.
Have a lovely weekend,
The Pear class team.