Blog - 26th January

What a fabulous week we’ve had! The children have been so enthusiastic, determined to learn new concepts and ready to face new challenges. Starting our week off we explored signs of winter!


In our number work, we've been learning number bonds of 10 this week.  We discovered that there are 11 number stories that you can write about adding to make 10. We had fun exploring number bonds of 10 with the giant numicon, by making 10 in the play doh, by sharing 10 dots on the ladybird and by using our fingers.  You can try this at home, what two numbers are added together to make 10? An example is 7+3=10 and if you swap them round it is still the same 3+7=10.


Our focus story this week has been The Magical Snow Garden by Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman which has got to be one of Miss Whitlow’s favourites. From this story the children decided that they wanted to create their own magical snow garden – so guess what? We now have our very own magical snow garden in Pear Class – inside the Winter Wonderland. The children have had the best fun in the Winter Wonderland and snow magical garden. The children have said “it’s the best ever and we love it.” Which certainly is the reaction I was looking for! From out story stimuli, this week we’ve created ice palaces and snow magical gardens using lego, stickle bricks, junk modelling, paint and other creative materials.


Towards the end of the week we turned into scientists and carried out 4 ice experiments. The first test we carried out was to see what agent helped melt the ice cubes the quickest. We added sugar to one, salt to another, warm water, cold water to one and finally we left one completely on its own to act as the control cube! We made predictions at the beginning of our lesson and decided that the ice cube with salt on would help melt the cube the quickest.  Many of our children added that they have seen the ‘grit men’ on the roads and they use salt to help melt the ice and snow on the roads, in our wintery weather. The children were amazed when they came back after playtime to see that all the ice cubes had melted!


Our next experiment was a colour changer and mixer! Miss Whitlow made ice cubes with food colouring in (blue, yellow and red.) Next the children mixed the cubes together. So from mixing blue and yellow ice cubes, once the cubes had melted it made a green liquid. From mixing blue, yellow and red we made a brown liquid. We then mixed blue and red which made a purple liquid and finally we mixed red and yellow cubes together and it made an orange liquid. The children were so engrossed in this activity they had a go independently afterwards – sorry for the children with dyed bright red and blue hands!


The next experiment involved string and its ability to stick to ice – I’ll let your child explain that one!


Lastly we used vinegar and bi carbonate of soda and added this onto the ice and salt crystals to create a bubbling and fizzing affect! The children could see froth and foam and could hear sizzling and fizzing sounds. They could see how the ice had changed.


Emma has been back in this week to do dance! She brought in cold colour materials that the children were able to act like wintery animals.


We’ve had a super busy week this week so enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you all back on Monday!

Miss Whitlow