Blog - 27th September

That’s the end of another busy week in Plum class- what a lot of super learning there has been!


We’ve learnt another three letter sounds – n, p and g.  Please have a go at these with your child over the weekend to reinforce our class work. Practising letter sounds doesn't have to be a 'chore.' You can make this a very exciting game - play a game of 'find the letter sound.' Get your child to decorate and make cards with the letter sounds on, hide them around the house or garden and then get your child to find them. Once they have they must remember to say the sound! We really do encourage to teach your child at home the correct formation too. Bad habits are had to get rid of. 


In our mathematical work we have been counting and recognising numbers to 5, our focus number has been number 4. Please keep practising number formation too at home. Lots of counting and matching to the correct number will also be very beneficial. Again you can make this a fun and exciting as you like! If you're heading to the beach. Count out shells and pebbles is a good one! If you're going for a country walk - counting sticks etc. 


In our afternoon sessions we’ve had forest school on Monday where we went on a mini beast hunt! We enjoyed partner work and had great fun exploring the outdoors. We've also been practising our scissor control and pencil grip. Please encourage your child to hold their pencil with a tripod grip now. 


 In the latter part of the week, in our mathematical work, we have been

taking a closer look at the characteristics of shapes - as well as adding
the trickier five sided pentagon to our shape wall. The children have
worked hard to see the shapes within their environment and have built
their own 2d ‘ flat shape’ houses. A big hit in Pear class was ‘shape
splat’, which is a perfect game to play at home with numbers, shapes or
letter sounds.


As our ‘all about me’ theme is coming to an end, we have been focusing
on our families and getting to know more about who we live with and
what sort of homes/houses we live in. Literacy has focused largely on
oral skills during circle time as it is so important for children to build on
their talking skills before they are able to write words. I have noticed a
marked improvement in listening skills and the quieter members of the
class have shown real enthusiasm in sharing their ideas. We have
decided as a class that we would like to have a ‘show and tell’ session
on our Friday afternoons where we can share any items that are special
to us.  Pear class children really like to talk!

Topic work has again centred around homes and family life. We studied
the story of the Three Little Pigs and conducted an experiment where we
built straw, stick and brick houses to see which we could blow down and
which house was the strongest. Whilst we unanimously decided that
brick was the toughest, straw houses were definitely the favoured

Finally, we had a fantastic PE session. I do hope that your children have
returned with the correct kit now that everything has been labelled.
Please bear with us, it is a difficult process in the first few weeks but we
will get better and mrs Horne -Smith may stop finding some of us
wearing two t shirts! We spent our PE lesson again playing listening hall
games, such as ‘traffic light cars’, ‘octapus’, and also spending some
time using our bodies to recreate some of the shapes we have learnt this
A few reminders:
- Please bring in a named water bottle
- Please make sure your child's book bag comes into school everyday 
- Please bring some spare changes of clothes, underwear and socks for your child in case of toilet and messy play accidents
Can I ask all parents that haven't already, please bring in a pair of wellies to school for outdoor play on wet days. We only have so many spare pairs!

Thank you to the parents who came along to our parent drop in this week.  If you were not able to come, you should have all received an email by now to allow you access on School360. If you have not received the email or are having trouble creating a log in - please speak to Miss Whitlow on the days that she is teaching (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday).  We’d really appreciate it if you would add any photos or milestones to their observations – for us to really understand your son or daughter it’s so helpful for us to see and know about the things they get up to when they’re not with us. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and thank you for your continuous support.