Blog - 4th Oct

A great week in Pear Class!

 Our letters in rwi have been 'o and c' this week. We have only learnt two new letter sounds as we had a go on Tuesday at blending simple letter sounds together to make words. We begun to read words such as 'sit, sad, an.' We are always grateful for the phonic practise work you do at home, so please do continue to practise. 

 In our number work, we’ve been making sets of up to 10 objects, counting and ordering as well a writing these digits.  Can you have a go at counting forwards and backwards to 10 this weekend? Maybe you could also order these numbers. Our focus number was 5. See if you can practise number formation this by using the rhymes to help you in your child's letter sounds and numbers file. 'Down and around and a flag on high, that's the way we make a 5.'

 It’s been an autumnal kind of a week in Pear Class.  We read the story Leafman and had a go at making our own Leaf people.  It was very interesting to look at the different colours and shapes of the leaves that we used.   In our afternoon sessions we’ve begun to explore the season Autumn.  The children went on an autumn hunt and noticed how the plants and trees were changing.  If you spot any signs of autumn over the weekend, don’t forget to let us know on Monday and we’d love to see any precious autumn discoveries. We’ve begun to look carefully at the changing season and we’ve discovered that although the leaves are mostly still green, they are beginning to have some brown spots on and they are not quite as flat and soft as they were a few weeks ago. 

In the latter part of the week, we have been looking in greater depth at Autumnal colours in our environment, with particular focus on the leaves from the trees and investigating why this happens whilst using lots of descriptive adjectives to create sentences about our leaves. We enjoyed a leaf hunt around the school field as well as conducting a whole class inventory of our findings - we discovered lots of differences in the colour shades amongst the leaves. We were all able to orally construct a sentence describing our leaf with a ‘wow’ word but our favourite activity was throwing the leaves up in the air whilst we explored during our hunt!

In our maths work we have begun to consider repeating patterns and created some Autumnal art following a colour leaf pattern. We noticed that patterns are all around us in our environment but that it is sometimes tricky to decide what might come next in a sequence; such as ABC patterns or ABB patterns with repeating units like red, green, blue or red, blue, blue. At home, you could use coloured toys and set them out in a line following the ABAB sequence to see if your child can follow the correct colour pattern and gradually move on to the trickier sequences. Some of us in Pear class grasped patterns straight away, but for others it takes longer, so practise at home considering what makes patterns the same and what makes them different will help instill this way of thinking.

Topic this week has been looking at the changing season and working with the offerings of Autumn. We have created leaf sun catchers, spent time producing Autumn soup in our messy tray and modelled conker snails with our spice enriched Autumn playdough. The children have been experimenting with colour and mixing primary colours together to produce a whole class Autumn tree leaf display. It has been a fun and messy few days in Pear class! PE this week was great fun as we played the ‘baked bean’ game and practised our bean bag throwing skills, whilst feeding our Octopus partners. There has already been huge progress in our class independence at changing time and we are becoming more adept at taking our own items of clothing off and folding items away neatly. Lots of Pear class were placed on gold star this week and we are incredibly impressed with how well the children are settling in and how fast they are developing in confidence and independence.

Thank you again for all of your continued support,


Have a lovely weekend. 


From the Pear Class team.