Blog - 6th March

It has been such an exciting week in Pear class with World Book Day Celebrations under way! In Pear class we do love a  good story and this week the focus has been on the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. WE enjoyed reading the story and then completed our own story maps to describe character, setting, problem and solution. The children enjoyed speaking on or new class phones to the caterpillar hiding in his cocoon, creating egg box caterpillars, colourful butterflies and playing with various food items to sort out the healthy foods the caterpillar eats from the unhealthy ones!
In our science topic work we learned a very big 'wow' word- metamorphosis! The children were learning about the life cycle of butterflies. We considered why it was that the caterpillar changed from looking one way to looking another and the similarities and differences between a caterpillar and butterfly. We created a visual plate of the process that happens from egg to butterfly and we are looking forward to having our very own caterpillars in the classroom in the next few weeks, ssssshhhh!
Maths this week has been revisiting measure. We talked about what kinds of things we could use to measure one another and decided that it would take too long with cubs and that hands or feet would be a better way. When it came to measuring caterpillars, as they are only small, we found the counters worked well. We are still using non standard methods of measurement in Pear class, although we will soon look at using rulers and the centimetre. 
In our PE this week we have been showing off our dance and movement to the story! WE formed cocoons with our bodies and used the ribbons to recreate the beautiful colours on butterfly wings as we floated around the hall! 
Well done to Charlie and Lexi this week for receiving star of the week for brilliant participation in discussion and ambitious vocabulary.
We hope that you will share your weekend with us in the children's chatter books and we look forward to seeing you next week,
The Pear Class team.