Blog - 7th February

What chilly week it has been but in Pear class we've had fantastic attendance! 

In our number work, we have continued to grow our confidence with teen numbers.  The children are developing a really strong understanding of the place value of these numbers –this means the order that they come in and their value. We've been adding ones to 10 and making a teen number.  Maybe you could write and make teen number games this weekend. We have also reminded ourselves regularly that teen numbers are made up of 10 and some ones.

Our afternoons this week have again been focused on our 5 senses.  In particular, we have explored sense of hearing. We had the musical instruments out and got to play along to make a well known tune.  During our listening walk we heard many different sounds and noises. We heard birds singing, doors swinging, children chattering and teachers talking just to name a few. We also used mystery 'shake pots' to see what objects made a noise. We learnt quickly that not everything we shook made a noise. 

Finally, as we finish our Winter topic we went and re visited the Horse Chestnut Tree on our school field. This was to help us compare and see changes, differences and similarities from when we viewed it in the Autumn. We noticed that the most significant change was that there were no leaves left on the tree! We discussed this in great depth. During our discussion, we explored the reasons why trees loose their leaves during winter however one particular tree doesn't. Ask your child over the weekend if they can remember what tree doesn't loose their leaves during the winter months. 

In the latter half of the week we have been map making! The children have been learning how to create a story map so that they are visually able to recall the stories we have been reading . This is a fantastic to way to aid comprehension and can easily be done at home - after you have enjoyed reading a story with your child, have them create a map taking you through the story considering character, setting, problem and solution. We enjoyed creating lots of other maps in the classroom to find hidden codes and treasure that we had hidden from our friends on the school field. Lots of children are now choosing to engage in writing in their independent time and our confidence has certainly improved with sound recognition with many children not only now hearing initial sounds, but also the dominant sounds within words so you will begin to see your child writing phrases and short sentences at home- the progression is such a pleasure to see! 

Well done to our writing wizard of the week, Evelyn. A brave writer who lo

One more week to go and then we are half way through our school year.  Can you believe it?

We do hope that everyone has a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.