Blog - 8th November

The children have come back from the half term holiday full of enthusiasm and ready to learn. 

  In RWI this week we have learnt the letter sounds 'r' and 'j.' We are all getting really good at learning previous sounds so thank you again for practising at home. Please try to make sure when your children is writing the letter sounds that they are forming them correctly. Starting in the correct place and making sure that they aren't practising any bad habits. 

 This week has been Parliment Week and we've been learning the real meaning behind 'firework and bonfire night.' The children have grasped an understanding of why we celebrate bonfire night. You may like to ask them over the weekend 'why do we celebrate bonfire night?' and they should be able to reply 'that Guy Fawkes and his friends plotted and planned to blow up King James and the Houses of Parliament with barrels of gunpowder, he was caught in the cellar of the houses of parliament before he was able to succeed with his plan. He was then arrested and sent to jail. King James wanted to remember this man and we do so on November the 5th every year.'

 From this our topic work has been to make our own firework paint pictures using a variety of colours and glitter and we've built our own rockets out of junk modelling. These are now displayed in the classroom on the back wall. We've also created fireworks and rockets using plastic shapes and shapes that we can cut out and match together on the template. We've also made the houses of Parliament out of blocks! 

 In our number work this week we have had lots of opportunities to independently count fireworks and write down the correct number. We have been able to design our own firework by carefully reading and following instructions to create our own firework - so many opportunities to count, match and write numerals down this week. 

  We have had a go at using the ipads to design our own fireworks, choosing particular colours very carefully. 

  In the latter half of the week, we have continued to look at the traditions of bonfire night during our topic work, considering how to stay safe on bonfire night. As a class, we were able to go outside and sit around our class bonfire singing some bonfire songs and attempting to construct a sentence about how to stay safe around the fire. It would be so helpful for your child’s writing if they are first able to master talking in clear sentences using connectives as opposed to fragments. Where possible at home, it would help embed this way of speaking if you could encourage this when they are describing events in their day or when they are telling you what they would like for their tea!The children enjoyed creating their own fire collage to go on our new classroom display board - pop in and have a look, they have all produced some wonderful creations!

 In literacy we began to think about sound words and tackled the hugely tricky ‘wow’ word: onomatopoeia. If you ask, your child may be able to tell you the name of this word or perhaps explain to you what a sound word is. We watched a firework display clip without sound and added our own sounds, discovering that the words for these sounds mimicked the sounds themselves! There was lots of zooming, crashing and bang sounds in our noisy Pear class this week as we also mark made in our foamy firework paint, warmed ourselves as we built our mock bonfire, captured letters with magnets to find letter sounds for bonfire night words and made some wonderful transient firework art with sparkly beads, stars and sequins.

 Maths this week was an introduction to 3d shapes; namely cube and sphere. Pear class were introduced to mrs Horne-Smith’s magic shape box! This box blows up 2d shapes that cannot be held into big 3d shapes. Our class magic wands worked wonderfully and we came up with a fantastic spell to work our magic. The balloon we were able to blow up in the magic box and then release to whizz around the classroom reminded us of the fireworks in the sky. A shape hunt around your house looking for shapes that are 2d but also the 3d cube and the sphere will again help to build upon their understanding and retention.

 PE this week was a zooming success! We are getting faster and faster at changing and we are all working so hard at perfecting our skipping to improve our gross motor skills to build up all of our muscles that are needed for writing grip and coordination. As a reward for their much improved listening skills during the PE, the children had a long turn on the high bars in the hall using their positional language as they climbed up and over - our challenge was to say a sound word as we climbed back down. We even had time to use the boom whackers and move across the hall as noisy fireworks - Pear class are particularly good at this skill!

 We hope everyone has settled back in for this next half term as it is a very busy one. We have a new friend in Pear class: Herby the heart bear, who will be coming home with one child every Friday to stay with you for the weekend, alongside his book. Our focus this term as we begin to hand out reading books, is on nurturing the love of stories we know many children in Pear class have. There is really no pressure to take fancy pictures in addition to the chatter books that are always amazing for us to share as a class. We would however, love it, if you could have your child read a story of their choosing to Herby. This could be documented with a picture, or just a sentence from your child describing what story they read and if Herby liked it and why. 

we would also really like to develop our reading area in the Pear classroom as this term will be the term that your child will begin to bring home a reading book. A 'Get caught reading' display will be the perfect way to encourage our children to engage with stories and have fun. If you are out and about this weekend, if possible could you take a funny picture of your child with their chosen story - it could be in a funny costume or in an unusual and fun setting. We always appreciate all parent interaction and the time and effort you put in to help us make Pear class a lovely working environment.

  Thank you again to everyone using the home learning books as a great opportunity for speaking and listening activities in the classroom. You can always add similar observations onto your child's school360 journal too! 

  Parent Consultations will run next Monday and Thursday. Miss Whitlow will be seeing any parents on the Monday and Mrs Horne-Smith will be seeing you on the Thursday appointments. We look forward to sharing all the lovely work your child has done since starting Reception and give you some next steps we feel they need to progress with their learning. 

 We hope you all have a fun and enjoyable weekend!

 See you next week. 

 Miss Whitlow and Mrs Horne-Smith