Blog 1- wb 16th Sep

Welcome to Apple class' first blog of 2019-2020. Every week I will talk about what we have been learning and I will upload all of the fantastic pictures and any videos which show the children's learning in action.  However, I am still waiting for some photo consent forms to be returned before I can do so.  I hope you enjoy reading the blog and most importantly, sharing it with your child.
Over the past couple of weeks, Apple class have been very busy! The new children have settled into Nursery life fantastically and the children that have stayed on have been excellent role models for them. The first two weeks were all about following new routines, taking turns, making new friends, getting to know each other and becoming independent learners. Well done to all of the new children for making such a fantastic start.
This week we have begun our topic, All About Me (you can find out more about this topic on the Medium Term Plan). As this is our first topic of the year, it will center around the children, something which they know so well. We will talk about what we look like, who is in our family, our emotions, our bodies, our senses and what makes us different from others.
This week we have focused on what we look like. We have had lots of circle time discussion about what makes us different to other people and have then recorded this on paper in the form of self-portraits. The children enjoyed looking at themselves closely in the mirror and I encouraged them to talk in sentences to tell me about what they could see. You can now see these on display in our home corner. To continue this learning, the children have enjoyed making "silly" faces in the tuff tray. They used a selection of materials to help them. 
As well as links to our topic, the children have had lots of opportunity for other learning. In the mark making area the children have had the chance to practice their scissor control (please keep this up at home). In the challenge area the children have been developing their fine motor skills by manipulating flexy tubes and straws. We have also spent lots of time outside this week and importantly have encouraged the children to dress themselves independently (putting on their own coats, suit trousers and wellies). A lot of children still struggle with this and need lots of support to have a go on their own first and then ask a grown up when they are really stuck. We will continue support the children to be resilient so that they can be independent learners. When outside, the children have loved using our brand new mud kitchen (made by North Coast Craftsman, see facebook and instagram), climbing the adventure playground, riding on the bikes, exploring the water wall and much much more.
We have had an extremely busy few weeks and the children have already learnt so much. Thank you to everyone for arriving on time so that we can start the day promptly. We will be closing the gates as soon as the bell rings at 8.45am for safeguarding reasons. Thank you in advance.
A sign up sheet for Stay and Play and secret reader will be up on the noticeboard next week, look out for this.
A few reminders:
- Please NAME ALL SHOES, CARDIGANS AND JUMPERS. If they have names missing it makes it extremely difficult for us to find missing items. 
- Please bring in a named water bottle
- Please bring some spare changes of clothes, underwear and socks for your child in case of toilet and messy play accidents
- Can I ask all parents that haven't already, please bring in a pair of wellies to school for outdoor play on wet days. We only have so many spare pairs!
I hope your'e all having a great weekend! See you bright and early tomorrow!
Miss F