Blog 1- wb 7th September

Welcome to Apple class' first blog of 2020-2021! This weeks blog will not have any photo's as we are still awaiting some photo consent forms to be returned. Photo's from this week will be uploaded asap.
What a busy couple of weeks we have had settling in, meeting new friends, learning routines and most importantly learning how to stay safe (washing hands and developing good hygiene). The children have been AMAZING and I am so proud of how they have returned to school life after so long off. While most children are settled, do not worry if your child is not quite settled yet. We are only on week two and have lots of time to settle in. Thank you to all parents for being so understanding with the new drop off/pick up routines and new rules/routines in school. We really appreciate your cooperation at such a difficult time. I am still learning just as much as you!
Any way on with the blog....
This week we have begun our All About Me topic and have focused on our feelings/emotions with links to the story "The Colour Monster" ( ). This story is all about a monster who changes colour as his feelings change. The children have done a great job at learning what each colour represents. Can you remember how the monster feels when he is yellow? or blue? or red? After reading the story, the children took part in daily circle time to talk about how they were feeling and why. The children practiced talking in full sentences (e.g. "Today I feel...") and thought carefully about how they could change their feelings if they were sad, worried or scared. As well as talking about our feelings, the children had lots of fun showing their feelings through different facial expressions. 
As well as learning about our feelings/emotions we have been exploring colour. We have enjoyed making  a range of fine motor colour pictures, using pipettes and food colouring on kitchen roll, scrunching coloured tissue to make rainbows and to decorate the colour monster. The children loved the effect the splashes of food colouring made! We have started to make a super display in the classroom and when this is complete, I shall add a photograph to our next blog. 
Next week we are learning all about our bodies and to begin this learning, towards the end of the week, we began drawing self-portraits. The children looked carefully in the mirror and most of them could point and name their face features. A lot of children struggled to explain what each feature is used for (e.g. eyes for looking or nose for smelling etc) so we will talk about this more over the next couple of weeks. 
As well as all of this busy learning, the children have been busy cutting and sticking, developing their fine motor skills, exploring the outdoor environment, singing and dancing, learning new nursery rhymes, listening to stories, playing musical instruments and so much more!
A couple of reminders:
-Bags must remain in school to minimise the amount travelling between home and school
-Please name ALL clothing (cardigan/jumpers/shoes)
-Water bottles are to be filled with water and not juice 
I hope everyone has a restful and happy weekend!
Miss F