Blog 10- wb 16th November

Friday again! That's another week and only four more until we break for Christmas. This half term seems to be going so quick!
Following on from our Gruffalo focus last week, this week we have been learning about the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. This another favourite in Apple class and some of us already recognised the story at the beginning of the week. Every day we read the story but with a different focus. It is so important to read stories over and over again as it allows children to take in the story properly and it allows you to have a different focus each time you read. For example, rhyming words, filling in the missing words, rhythm, story recall, talking about characters or the setting and asking questions. Understanding the story is the most important part when children cannot read for themselves. When you read at home, ask your child questions about characters, the story setting, what they think might happen next. 
Last week some of us struggled with story recall so we decided to revisit this, this week through drawing. The children enjoyed thinking carefully about what Stick Man is used for in the story and showing this through drawing. Most of us could remember at least one thing that Stick Man is used for which is great. They then used coloured pencils and pens to draw their own pictures and talk about what they could remember from the book. Excellent mark making everyone! 
In our mathematical work, we had a go at ordering sticks by size. We used the vocabulary long, short, longest, shortest. If you're out for a walk over the weekend, maybe you could find some sticks and compare their lengths using the correct vocabulary above. I'd love to see some pictures of your child measuring sticks!
In our creative work, the children LOVED making their own stick people. They chose their stick, thought carefully about how they wanted their Stick man/lady to look and chose appropriate materials. With support they stuck down their materials. As well as this being a good opportunity to think creatively, it was a super way to develop their fine motor skills and communication and language skills. They have to ask for materials, explain their models and tell others about their creation.
Outside, we have spent lots of time on the adventure playground this week. The children are becoming much more confident with climbing, jumping and moving in different ways. However, lots of us still struggle to dress ourselves for the outdoors, especially putting on our own coats and zipping them up! Please encourage your child to do this themselves! They need to practice this daily at home and in school.
*Don't forget, if you haven't already applied for your childs place in Reception you need to do this before January 15th. Your child does NOT automatically get a place in Reception, you must apply.*
*Reminder- there are still some children without hats and gloves and the weather is getting colder. Please bring in some to keep at school*
Have a restful, happy and healthy weekend!
Miss F