Blog 10- wb 25th November

Hi everyone, my apologies for the delay on this weeks blog. For some reason I couldn't access the server! I hope you've had a great weekend.
This week we have been learning all about the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. Again, this is a favourite in apple class and so the children really enjoyed retelling the story and taking part in lots of stick activities. This week in our mathematical work the children had to order sticks by size using the vocabulary longest and shortest. Most children were able to easily identify the longest and shortest but some of us needed support to order the sticks in between. In our creative work, the children enjoyed painting their own stick men/women! They also loved decorating their own stick people using feathers and material.
Other stick man activities included: making stick shapes and patterns, retelling the story of stick man from memory and practicing our pencil control on stick men worksheets.
As well as all things Stick Man, the children have enjoyed using the Bee Bots! This toy is a great way to learn how to "code". They loved directing the Bee Bots along the road, but, this was quite tricky as they had to understand the arrows first. We used lots of great vocabulary like: turn, forward, backwards and left/right. The children completed this activity in pairs so they had to wait patiently for their turn and work as a team to help one another!
We have had an extremely busy week and have continued to practice our makaton signs. The children are using these really well now! Well done!
We have read the stories Mr Nosey and Mr Brave this week and we will continue to support the children to understand the characteristics of effective learning. 
Next week we will begin our Christmas learning and we will be focusing on the nativity story. Don't forget to bring in your Christmas homework as this will be put up onto display from next week.
See you all bright and early tomorrow, Miss F