Blog 11- wb 23rd November

Well... that's another busy week in Apple class done and dusted! Everyone has worked so hard and has earned a well deserved rest, well done!
This week we have been really busy learning and developing lots of really important skills. Talking in sentences, thinking creatively, counting in order, counting out set amounts, recognising our names and writing them, developing our pencil grip and importantly zipping up our own coats!
Speaking is a big part of Communication and language and is a huge part of our curriculum this year. Everyday we encourage the children to talk in sentences, explain their thoughts, ask questions and build their vocabulary. To support that this week, the children have enjoyed making models using junk materials. How is speaking a big part of junk modelling I hear you ask? Speaking is a big part of the children planning their model, talking about what materials they will use and how they will put it together. We encouraged the children to talk about their models as they made them and tell their friends about them afterwards. 
In our mathematical work, this week the children have loved my "treasure island" game. They had to roll the dice, count the spots (or subitize- knowing the amount on the dice without counting) and count out the correct set amount of treasure onto my map. Most of us can now count in order. We are getting better at counting out sets but some of us forget when to stop counting. We will keep working on this. A lot of us still find it tricky to subitize as well. Playing games that involve a dice is a fun way to practice subitizing! Have a go at playing simple board games at home! Board games allow for much more than maths skills. They allow for turn taking and listening and attention too!
As well as this, we have been writing our names this week. A lot of the children struggled to recognise their name out of a selection and needed support to work out what sound their name begins with. We will continue to work on this throughout the year ready for Reception. The children also had a good go at following the "dot to dots" to write their names and then had a go at copying the letters onto paper independently. The children did a really good job! We will keep working on our pencil grip alongside this. Could you have a go at writing your name at home? I would love to see a picture of this on your child's journal!
We have spent lots of time outside this week and lots of children really struggle putting their coats on and fastening them up. This is a really important part of becoming independent and I urge you to encourage your child to do this themselves. Keep practicing!
Next week we will begin our Christmas festivities! The children are very excited to celebrate! Dont forget about our second piece of shared learning.... to create a masterpiece about how you celebrate Christmas. 
Have a lovely weekend! Take care and stay safe!
Miss F