Blog 11- wb 2nd December

It's Christmas time in Apple class and the children have been so excited to celebrate! Our focus this week has been the Christmas story- The Nativity. We have read the story together (and watched some nice videos on Cbeebies) and as a class have had a go at recalling it using stick puppets. The children have loved taking on different roles and as a result they have remembered lots of the story on their own. The children really enjoyed creating their own nativity scene afterwards. This involved lots of scissor practice! You can now see some of these hanging on display in the classroom. To allow the children time to return to the story and practice their recalling, we left the nativity scene out all week and staff were thrilled to hear the children recalling and taking on key characters from the story. Great work! Why not see if your child can tell you all about the story of Christmas? We have also been learning lots of lovely Christmas songs. See if your child might like to sing you one of our favourites "It's a donkey" or "We have news to tell you" or "Bumpety bump".
Our mathematical work was taken outside this week with a continued focus of counting. We used the giant numicon to count and order numbers. I then encouraged some of the children to push two pieces of numicon together to work out the total. Some of the children used great mathematical language (add and equals) and were able to complete the challenge. Well done! Some of the children particularly loved playing the game "what's the time Mr Wolf?". This games involves lots of careful counting, turn taking and patience. Great skills that always need to be developed! You could easily play this at home!
In our creative work, the children have enjoyed taking part in lots of Christmas crafts. These are not only great fun but a great way to develop fine motor skills, resilience, concentration and imagination.
Lastly, the children have really enjoyed the biggest change in the classroom and that's the change from apple class cafe to our Winter post office! The role play corner has been revamped and looks very exciting. The children have spent most of the week "writing" letters to Santa and their friends and have  "posted" their letters in the post box (which the children enjoyed making themselves). We have talked lots about what a post office does and what we might find there. The children have enjoyed cutting out stamps for their envelopes and have enjoyed buying things (stamps, parcels etc) using money from the till! If you are visiting the local post office over Christmas maybe you could talk to your child about what happens whilst you're there. Real life experience is always best!
Next week we will continue our Christmas learning and we are very excited to welcome Avril Huntly on Wednesday for our Christmas singing workshop.
I hope your'e all having a great weekend- Miss F