Blog 11- wb 3rd December

What another busy week in Apple class! As well as focusing on another story, Christmas is well and truly under way. Santa's workshop has arrived in our role play area where the children have been Santa's little elves helping out. Feel free to take a look when you drop off and please have a sneaky peak at our elves displayed above the interactive whiteboard. 
This week we have been learning all about another Julia Donaldson story, "Stick Man". The children knew this story already, but together, we have unpicked the story and extended their learning by:
- re-telling the story using puppets (to support communication and language)
- "going on a stick hunt" (to support their mathematical thinking). The children had to hunt for different types of sticks around the garden and then order them by size. They use their checklist to search for bumpy sticks, curvy sticks, smooth sticks, long sticks and short sticks. 
- making their own stick man (to support their fine motor development and creative thinking)
As well as these adult led activities, the children had lots of opportunity to learn through free play. They built their own "stick family trees" in the small world area, they had a go at stick wrapping in the tuff tray, painting with sticks outside and even re-told the story to their friends. Our Stick Man display is coming soon for you to have a look at- so keep an eye out!
The children have really enjoyed learning about three different Julia Donaldson stories and we are now ready for all things Christmas next week. We continue to welcome any more Christmas shared learning. If you have forgotten the focus, this time we would like you to create a poster/book/collage etc surrounding the question-how do you celebrate Christmas with your families. We look forward to seeing more master pieces!
See you all next week
Miss F