Blog 11th October

The end of another busy week in Plum Class!

We’ve continued our exploration into autumn with a look at the seeds which seem to be everywhere in and around our school grounds at the moment.  We’ve burst berries, opened shells, popped pods and blown flower heads to find seeds of all colours, shapes and sizes.  We’ve discovered that these seeds are dispersed in many ways – through the digestive system of birds, in the wind, by dropping and rolling and being transported on the fur of animals. We looked closely at a selection of berries in the classroom and the children enjoyed squashing them to find the seeds inside.  They observed that the seeds were different sizes and colours and that the seeds were hard but the berry flesh was soft and ‘squishy’.  Can you find any berries over the weekend?  What are the seeds like that you find inside the berry?

We also found out that many animals are busy preparing for hibernation at the moment.  Animals need a shelter to hibernate in to keep them warm in the winter months.  The children enjoyed making their own hedgehog and hibernation shelter.   Are there any other animals that hibernate in winter?  Maybe you could explore this at home.

In our number work, we’ve concluded our thinking about more/less and number comparisons.  The children were introduced to <   and   > signs which help us to write number sentences to compare numbers and quantities.  For example 4  <  10 – this means “4 is less than 10.”  Maybe you could write some number sentences over the weekend.

Year 1 children had a fabulous time at Aln Valley Railway on Thursday morning.  Having done lots of research and finding out about steam trains, it was very exciting for the children to have a ride on an actual steam train.  These are memorable experiences that we hope the children won’t forget.  I’m sure they told you all about their adventures when they got home.

While Year 1 children were at the railway, Reception children enjoyed a morning in the classroom exploring repeating pattern.  We used a range of autumn finds to make our patterns.  The children were keen to challenge themselves to use up to 4 variables in their patterns and managed to keep these complicated repeats going!  Can you make patterns with autumn items at home over the weekend?

Next week, we’ll turn our attention to harvest and there’ll be some exploration of the machinery that helps farmers to gather in their produce.

Have a great weekend!