Blog 12- wb 30th November

I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs and uploading photographs of learning to your childs journal! I love seeing the learning that's happening at home, especially when it follows on from the learning that has happened at nursery. 
As always, the classroom has been a hive of activity and we’ve got lots of great learning to share!
This week Christmas has arrived in Apple class! Our role play area has turned into Santa's workshop. The children have enjoyed "writing" letters to Santa, making and designing Christmas cards and taking on imaginative play as Santa delivering presents.
 As it was the first of December on Tuesday, the children were excited to tell me about their advent calendars! We spent lots of time talking about the purpose of advent and talking about our Christmas traditions. It was lovely to hear about children decorating their Christmas trees at home and the visits from their Christmas elves (and all of the naughty things they have been up to). Lots of children who are often quite shy in group discussion have joined in with the Christmas chat this week and it has been super to see!
To get in the festive spirit, we have been super busy making Christmas cards to give to our family and friends. This was another super opportunity to practice name writing!
In our mathematical work, we have revisited repeating patterns but with a Christmas theme. The children had to complete the patterns using picture cards. Examples of patterns include: Santa, present, santa, present and angel, star, tree, angel, star, tree.
Most of us were able to continue a 2 part pattern but we needed help continuing a 3 part pattern. We will continue to work on this.
Lots of learning has been happening in continuous provision aswell! The children have been practicing using scissors by snipping cuttings of my Christmas tree, they have been developing their fine motor skills by using their fingers to decorate Christmas trees with loose parts, they have been working on their counting skills and number recognition by matching the numbers to set amounts. Finally, the children have loved decorating our class Christmas tree!! Lots of opportunity for fine motor development here! Busy busy busy! 
Next week we will be learning more about what Christmas means to some people, with a focus on the Nativity story. 
We have only had 1 response to the class homework (designing a picture, poster or collage to show how you celebrate Christmas) so far and would love to see some more. The children love to "show and tell" their work and we love to proudly display their creations.
Have a happy and restful weekend.
Miss F