Blog 12- wb 9th December

The children in Apple class are well and truly in the Christmas spirit! This week we have incorporated lots of glitter and sparkles into our learning (as you could probably tell when your child got home). We started the week by decorating our class Christmas tree! This was super exciting and actually quite tricky... it turned into an excellent fine motor activity! Have a look at the pictures below to see the hard work in action.
The mathematical focus of the week continued to be counting out sets and number recognition. The children had to count out the correct amount of baubles to add to the trees. Most of us could count out and some of us needed reminding to stop when we reached the desired amount. Rote counting is a very different skill to counting out a set amount so keep practicing this skill. Recognising the numbers was slightly trickier and only some of us could confidently recognise numbers 1-10. We will continue to practice number recognition after Christmas. Great work everyone!
The children have particularly enjoyed taking part in lots of Christmas crafts this week. We have had our high school students in for their full week placement and they have really enjoyed helping the children be creative! The children began by making their own folder to take home all of their crafts. They then enjoyed making tree decorations, calendars, cards and turning themselves into Rudolph. They will be taking their craft folders home next week and they can't wait to show you what they have been up to!
In free play the children have enjoyed role play in the Christmas post office, cutting and sticking, playing with our nativity scene and they have loved playing with our brand new "glow mountain". As you can see from the pictures attached, the children were able to be really imaginative and use the small world toys to create their own role play stories. Excellent!
On Monday we are super excited to show you the five Christmas songs we have been learning. The children have really enjoyed learning them and can't wait for you to join in. Please remember that for health and safety, we can only ask one parent/carer to attend as we are just singing in the classroom. Thank you for your cooperation. 
I hope you enjoy your weekend whatever your'e up to and I can't wait to have lots of fun next week!
Christmas parties are on Wednesday- please come in party clothes!
Friday is Christmas jumper day
Nursery DO NOT go to Christingle on Thursday