Blog 14- wb 21st January

Hi all, what another great week in Apple class!


This week we have focused our learning around the season Winter. We have had lots of discussion about what happens during Winter time and have talked about what the children could look out for when they are out and about. Most importantly, we have been developing our vocabulary by using lots of Winter words. The children came up with- ice, cold, freezing, hats and gloves, chilly, wet, slippy and icicles. Great work!


We started the week with a Winter hunt, looking for signs of this great season. The children found: frost, some ice, berries on the trees, lots of brown leaves (that had fallen off the trees) and we even spotted some Robins too.


Later in the week, we carried out our own experiment. The children had to work together to melt blocks of ice and uncover the treasure inside. We talked about what the ice felt like and looked like then we used pipettes to squeeze warm water over the freezing cold ice blocks. We had lots of discussion prior to this about how we were going to melt the ice and what we thought was going to happen. They loved this activity!! 


In our maths work, the children have had lots of practice at: counting, moving counters one at a time along a tens frame (which we will have further practice at) and recognising the amount on a dice. All by playing my special number game. The children had to roll the dice and move their counter the correct number of spaces along my tens frame. The first person to the end was the winner. Some of the children found moving their counter along the frame, one place at a time, tricky. We will continue to practice this skill. Do you play any board games at home as a family? Board games are a great way to practice key mathematical skills!


In our free play, the children have made their own Winter collages, Winter paintings, have had a go at building ice palaces and castles using bricks and blocks and to develop their fine motor skills they have been following tricky Winter patterns with beads, buttons and gems. 



-Please don't forget to sign up to stay and play and book your space for family lunch over the next couple of weeks!

- Another reminder to please name all clothing including hats, scarfs and gloves. Thank you!


Next week we will be going back to our bird topic and focusing our learning around the story Owl babies. Have you got this story at home? 


Thank you for our first couple of responses to our shared learning task (to bring in a picture of your favourite number or shape), we continue to welcome some more for our display that we will make.


Have a great weekend everybody!