Blog 14- wb 6th January

Welcome back everyone and a very happy new year! Welcome to our new starters and well done for making it through your first week in nursery. 
This week has been all about settling our new friends and exploring our exciting and newly changed classroom. The children have absolutely loved exploring the new loose parts play area. This area is all about using open ended objects (stones, shells, curtain reels, sticks, bricks etc) to enhance creative play. A car can only be a car, a tree can only be a tree. By using objects that are open ended, the children are encouraged to be more imaginative. Staff were thrilled to see some fantastic play in progress this week. Some children used gems as pirate treasure, some used stones as chocolates for their "chocolate shop", some used crates to build bridges. The benefits of the play observed were great communication and language skills, turn taking, mathematical vocabulary, self confidence and so much more! 
The children have particularly loved our enhanced play doh area as well! We decided to incorporate lots of loose parts in this area as well. Again, staff were thrilled to see much more imaginative play here. Children used gems to decorate their "cakes" and the sticks to add "candles" to their "cakes". As well as improved creativity, the children have much more opportunity to develop the fine motor aspect of play doh play. 
As well as this, the children have loved engaging in super role play in our bigger home corner, making marks in our new writing area and have read stories in our new reading corner. The children have had opportunity to develop fine motor skills  by using tweezers to move pom poms and use scissors on the craft table. They children have loved exploring the outdoors as well!
Thank you to all of our older children, you have been fab role models for our new friends!
Next week we begin our main focus, Winter time. We will spend lots of time outside so please remember a hat, a pair of mittens and a scarf!
Have a great weekend everyone- Miss F