Blog 14th September

Welcome to our first blog of the new school year!
After two weeks back at school, we are delighted to say that the children are settling so well.  To have a few tears in the morning is very normal as the children adjust to new routines but we can report that these are very quickly put away and our days pass happily with lots of smiles and good cheer!
The children made a great start to Read Write Inc this week by learning letter sounds m, a and s.  We have learnt to recognise, hear and form these letters and you can practise at home using the sheets that have been given to your children in their sounds folder.  Please return this by Wednesday so that we can fill it back up with new sounds next Friday.  When practising as home, please ensure that your child makes the correct formation. Bad habits can easily form and are very tricky to get rid of!
In our number work, we have been making sets of 5 items and finding many ways to represent 5.  Maybe you could do this at home - see how many sets of 5 you can make with your toys.
In our more practical maths, we've been exploring pattern.  We made repeating patterns with colour using our pegs and boards, by cutting and sticking and by using felt pens.  In our outdoor learning, we used sticks, tubes and bricks to make some great repeating patterns.  Some children made a 'pattern bridge' which they could walk on whilst verbalising the pattern they had made.  Mrs Pickard and Mrs Grimes were very impressed!
We've been focusing on our faces in our afternoon sessions.  We've had fun pulling happy, sad, shocked, cross, worried and funny faces.  We've named all of the features that we can find on our faces including our eye brows and eye lashes.  Maybe at home you could find out the names of the different parts of the eye that you can see when you look in the mirror.  Then we made some very funny faces using a tortilla wrap, salad vegetables and cheese.  The best bit about this was that once you had finished, you could roll it up and eat it!  They were delicious. 
Some children began Forest School this week with Mrs Pickard.  Great fun was had making leaf rubbings on fabric by using a hammer very carefully.  The results were stunning!  If your child is not in Forest School on this occasion, there will be further opportunities throughout the year. 
All of the children participated in PE this morning and we had lots of fun running, jumping, skipping and galloping together.  Then we played two games - The Bean Game and Duck, Duck, Goose!  Can your child explain these to you?
Log on each Friday to read about our week.  From next week we should also be able to add photos, we just need to ensure that we have a comprehensive list for photo consent. 
We know that the children will be very tired tonight, they've put so much effort into the last few weeks.  So, have an enjoyable weekend before the fun begins again at 8.35am on Monday morning!