Blog 15- wb 13th January

This week we have spent lots of time outdoors learning more about the season Winter. Thank you to everyone that brought in a hat, some mittens and a scarf. Mittens in particular go missing easily so please remember to name them and please check your child's bag regularly to see if they have brought someone elses home by mistake. Thank you in advance.
We began the week discussing what we already knew about Winter. The children used some fantastic vocabulary! For example, chilly, freezing, cold, icy and snow. We looked closely at some pictures of Winter and learnt some other vocabulary too. For example, frosty, icicles, evergreen and misty. Staff encouraged the children to use this vocabulary throughout the week.
To embed this vocabulary, we decided to go on a Winter hunt around the school grounds. We found lots of interesting things (see the pictures attached). We saw lots of bare trees and some evergreen ones too. Most children now understand the difference. See if you can spot both bare and evergreen trees when your'e out and about this weekend! We saw holly leaves, frost, brown wet leaves and birds scampering on the ground. We talked about what we thought the birds were doing and we decided that they were looking for food. Some children even made the link that the bushes had no berries on because the birds may have eaten them. Well done!
To embed this vocabulary further we decided to make our own Winter collages. We first talked about the colours of Winter and spent time looking through books for inspiration. We decided that blue and white were the most Wintery colours. The children enjoyed choosing their favourite materials and used PVA glue to stick it down. Using glue carefully and accurately is a fine motor skill in itself. They had to carefully spread the glue without it dripping everywhere!
As well as lots of seasonal learning, the children have learnt so much and have developed important skills through their free play. You can see by photographs that dressing up was very popular this week. The children's imagination has been incredible and alongside our new loose parts play area (the treasure area as the children call it) there has been some amazing creative play. Thank you for all of your donations! I am still developing the classroom and all of your contributions are helping to create a fantastic learning environment. We are after as many real items as possible. We are currently looking for: interesting hats, walking sticks, bangles and beaded chunky necklaces.
Next week we will be exploring Winter further by carrying out icy experiments and creating our own Winter paintings. We will also be doing some mathematical work linked to Winter.
Don't forget, our shared learning this half term is to bring in a picture of your child's favourite number or shape. This could be their door number or a picture of their car wheel. You can now see a couple on display if you would like a couple of ideas.
Have a great weekend!
Miss Freeman