Blog 16- wb 20th January

What a busy week in apple class! This week we have continued our Winter learning and the children have particularly loved taking part in our icy experiments! You can see from the pictures attached how engaged and motivated everyone is. Every day the children were drawn straight to the ice and were really keen to explore. We talked about what ice is and what we thought would happen to it throughout the day. The children enjoyed painting it and watching it melt into coloured water. This was very exciting! At the end of the day they enjoyed using pipettes to empty the water away (a great fine motor skills). The children used fantastic vocabulary to describe the ice: cold, freezing, slippy, wet, shiny.
In our mathematical learning this week, the children enjoyed playing a matching/memory/shape recognition game. They had to turn over cards and match the snowman's head and body together. The aim of the game was to match the correct shaped head with the matching shaped body. Most children were able to recognise the shapes, well done. Some of us struggled with the memory aspect of the game and couldn't remember where the cards that they had previously turned over were. There is lots of research to say that good memory skills are vital for maths. We will continue to develop our memory in fun ways.  Great work everyone.
To develop our fine motor skills, the children created their own Winter tissue pictures. They had to rip, scrunch and then stick the tissue. The children also enjoyed creating their own snowflakes using loose parts (cotton wool, gems, sequins, beads etc). They looked closely at pictures and tried to recreate. Great work. They also had opportunity to practice their scissor skills by cutting out Winter pictures. Apple class love to cut out!
We also spent lots of time outside. We enjoyed painting with evergreen leaves at the start of the week and took part in turn taking/listening games towards the end of the week. The children had to pass the ball around the circle and listen to each other whilst waiting their turn and carefully watching the ball as it moved around the circle.
Next week we will move our focus onto birds. We will be reading the story Owl babies next week and will continue learning about other birds up until half term. 
Have a great weekend everyone! Miss F