Blog 16 - 26th Jan

Hello Apples, just a quick blog this week as we've been doing lots of finishing off and recapping our bird learning that we started and wanted to expand on from last week! 


We started to turn our attention to the birds in our garden and how they survive during the winter months - especially how they get their food and how we can help them out! As a whole group we discussed how a blanket of snow, frost and ice stops the birds from pecking at the worms and they might need a little helping hand when looking for food. From this, we decided to make our own bird feeders. 
We did some research to find out what birds like to eat. We found that they love to eat worms, insects, seed, fats  and berries.
We got some mixed bird seeds, lard, cheese and raisins. 
We mixed them all together into balls and smothered it onto a pine cone and place them around our garden. We also poked seeds into apples and tied them onto string too!


To make your own bird feeders at home you will need: bird seed, cheese, lard, pine cones, and some string (to hang it up).
Start by smothering the pine cone in lard and then ask your child to help roll it in the seed.
Next, add the cheese to the pine cone and add some string (for hanging) and then leave them to set. Once set,  hang in your garden. If you have a go at home we would love to see a picture on your learning journals.
To give our fingers a good work out this week, we've been threading! Initially we used string and plastic pieces and then towards the end of the week we used string and cheerios - to hang out for the birds to peck out.  
Have a very restful and happy weekend all. 

See you next week,


Mrs Farrar