Blog 17- wb 27th Jan

As you can see from the pictures attached, this week we have been learning all about birds. Specifically, owls. We read the story Owl Babies and used this as a focus for our learning. We started by looking at different types of owls and learning some interesting facts. Did you know owls claws are called talons? and they use them to catch their food. Did you know that owls are nocturnal and stay awake at night? Apple class did! We then read the story and this posed lots of questions. The story is about three owls Sarah, Percy and Bill and their owl mother who left them during the night. We wondered why she left, how the owls must have felt, was it cold at night for the owls, did they have a daddy owl? The children thought really carefully and came up with some great answers.
To support our learning, we made bird feeders for our garden. We did some research to find out what birds like to eat. We found that they love to eat worms, seed and berries. To make your own bird feeders at home you will need: bird seed, lard, yoghurt pots (to put your mix in) and some string (to hang it up). Start by melting the lard (grown ups only) and then ask your child to help stir in the seed. Next, spoon the mix into yoghurt pots and add some string (for hanging) and then leave them to set. Once set, cut off the yoghurt pots and hang in your garden. If you have a go at home we would love to see a picture on your learning journals.
In our mathematical work, the children had a go at counting out sets. This is much harder than rote counting. It takes careful thought and concentration and so we will keep practicing this. Well done everyone! 
Another fun activity that we enjoyed this week was owl tissue pictures. The children enjoyed ripping and scrunching the tissue (great for fine motor development) and decorating their owl babies.  
Other opportunities for learning this week have been name writing, scissor practice and lots of phase one phonic activities (clapping syllables in words and hearing rhyme in stories).
Next week we will be learning more about other birds! 
A reminder: we are a NUT FREE school. If your child has a packed lunch, products that say "may contain nuts" are not allowed. Thanks in advance.
Don't forget to book your place for family lunch on Wednesday 12th Feb. You must book your place at the office at least 24hrs before so that the kitchen can accommodate. If you can't make this date, don't worry as there will be another date in Summer term.
Hope you all have a great weekend! Miss F