Blog 17th January

Wow, it’s the weekend again already!

We’ve had a super week in Plum Class, our attendance has been better than it’s been for such a long time, I hope we can all keep feeling fit and healthy.  Sorry to the few people who aren’t!

In our number work, we have continued to grow our confidence with teen numbers.  The children are developing a really strong understanding of the place value of these numbers –this means the order that they come in and their value.  We have all been able to use comparative language when looking at two numbers.  Some of us have been able to identify numbers that come ‘inbetween’ the teen numbers in question.  We have enjoyed playing ‘guess the mystery number’ by reading clues. For example, “It’s more than 13 but less than 17.”  We discovered that the mystery number could be one of a few possibilities.  Maybe you could write and solve mystery number games this weekend. We have also reminded ourselves regularly that teen numbers are made up of 10 and some ones.  We have shown this in part, part, whole models.  We have found the missing number in these part, part, wholes too.  Maybe you could have a go at doing this at home.

In our topic work, we have been thinking about some of the materials which things in our immediate environment are made from.  We went on a hunt around school to find things made of wood, metal and plastic.  Can you find things at home made of these materials?  We spent some time looking specifically at plastic – it comes in many forms.  Some is hard, some is bendy, some can be stretched.  Can you find different plastics in your house?  We also discovered that paper is made out of wood.  We then explored all of the things that we can do with paper – we scrunched, we tore, we twisted, we folded, we cut and we wove.  What can you do with paper?

We’ve continued to think about the birds that live around our school and we are getting much quicker at recognising many of these.  To help the birds feed themselves, we have made bird seed cake as we discovered that their food sources are not quite so plentiful in winter months.  You could ask us what we used to make our bird seed cakes.  It was a bit of a squidgy, greasy job but lots of fun!  Once you have the recipe, you could make some at home.  In our Friday writing session, we wrote instructions for making bird seed cake and we made lists of the ingredients that are needed.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend – we’ll see you on Monday.