Blog 17th January

We have had a fantastic start to the term in Pear class and for the last few weeks we have seen major changes! Normal service will now resume and the chatter books will be with you every Friday to be returned the following Wednesday.

We have been making huge strides with our Read Write Inc work with many children now able to blend words… the road to reading is getting shorter! We would ask that you continue to practice the sounds at home and add in some CVC words such as sat, mat, bed etc to help with this progression.

In our topic work this week we have been looking at winter and the colours that we associate with this season. Starting with our curiosity cube we asked the question: how do these colours make us feel? We decided that winter colours are ‘cold’ and compared them to the warmer colours we associate with summer. We created cold colour collages using paint and materials with different textures like those of frost and snow in the winter. Using our colour mixing skills, we created different shades of blue and white to lighten, and black to darken the tones.

In our literacy work we have been considering the story The Polar Bear and the Snow cloud, story about a polar bear without any friends and a snow cloud that tries to help by magically creating pretend friends using snow. As we read the story the magical cloud threw ‘real snow’ down on our heads! This caused great excitement amongst Pear class and we were then able to consider the big question ‘what can you see in the snow cloud. It was wonderful to hear all of the ideas – Pear class imagination has improved greatly and we are all enjoying the different types of stories we have been covering in our literacy and topic work.

Maths this week has been shape, shape, shape! We have increased our 3d shape knowledge and the magical shape box has added cylinder, cone and cuboid to our list of cube and sphere. Try to point out these shapes in every-day life (the children found cone very easy to remember as they all described in detail their love of ice-creams!)


Have a great weekend and we will see you next week for more fun and busy learning!

The Pear class team