Blog 18- wb 3rd February

As you can see from the pictures below we have continued to learn all about birds. This week we have focused on learning the names of other birds and recognising their key features. For example, male black birds have black feathers with orange beaks and robins have orange tummies. The children have enjoyed learning some interesting facts and taking part in a range of activities to help them learn more about birds. 
To start the week the children really enjoyed painting some of their favourite birds. They had to look carefully at the colours they needed and take notice of some key features. For example, pheasants have a range of coloured feathers with black and white spots and crows have long black beaks. Whilst thinking about the colours, the children had to work out how to successfully mix the right shade. A lot of children chose to paint robins and needed to mix paint to create orange. The children enjoyed exploring the colours and experimenting with mixing. The children took great care and did a fantastic job. Well done everyone! 
In our mathematical work we continued with counting games. In groups of three, the children chose a bird each, had to roll a dice and give their bird the correct amount of worms. Whoever had the most worms for their bird at the end was the winner. This game allowed for lots of skills to be developed; turn taking, subitizing (knowing the amount on the dice without counting the spots), counting in order, counting out sets and listening and attention. 
In free flow play children have enjoyed building birds nests, writing numbers on whiteboards and drawing their own birds. Outside, children enjoyed building bird hides and watching the birds in our garden. Apple class garden has been a hive of activity this week and the children have loved observing the different types of birds. They have particularly enjoyed watching our bird feeders disappear! Birds we have seen this week are: black birds, pigeons, blue tits, sparrows, robins and crows. 
Next week we will bring our topic to an end with some final learning about birds and we will also be talking lots about the people we love ahead of Valentines Day. 
Don't forget our last day at school is Thursday as Friday we are closed for teacher training day!
I hope you have had a great weekend! Miss F