Blog 18th May

In Plum Class this week we have been learning all about maps and making our own. Rory sent us a letter and we needed to follow a treasure map to find a challenge he had set for us. We looked carefully at the map to work out where the challenge was hidden and went in search of it! It was great fun hunting for the message and when we found it, the challenge was to draw our own map of the school field - we had to look carefully to make sure everything was in the right place so we went outside and found a spot where we could see everything very clearly. We also looked at different maps of Alnwick and found our favourite places to go; a lot of us liked going to the Alnwick Gardens and the park beside school the best!

In maths we have been practising making equal groups and have been learning how to put them into equal rows, this is called an array. We made equal rows with different things like pasta, paint, shapes, shells and glass pebbles. You could see if you can spot anything that is in rows this weekend!

We read a new story this week called ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. It is about a boy called Max who goes on an adventure to a far away island which is the home of huge beasts and creatures. The wild things make him their King and he has a lovely time but when the creatures go to sleep he misses home and magically his supper is still hot when he gets there. We had a fantastic time thinking about what wonderful places we would journey to in Max’s boat. You might like to create a map of your own magical land! We also made our own boats and used our imaginations to make new ‘wild things’ and created our own Wild Thing Island.

We even had our old friend beebot in our class and we worked together to give him the right instructions to get from one place to another. This was a bit too easy for him so we made an obstacle course for him and worked with our friends to try and get beebot from the start to the finish. It was a bit tricky because we had to remember to press cancel to make him forget the other things we had asked him to do otherwise he got a bit confused!

In preparation for the ‘big wedding’ tomorrow, we spent Friday afternoon making flags and designing cakes.  If you’re so inclined, maybe you could write or draw about the wedding if you watched it on the television.

Have a lovely weekend, whatever exciting things you have planned.