Blog 18th October

We’re nearly there, half term is in sight!

It’s very normal for the children to be tired, they’ve worked hard for the last 6 weeks and they are getting ready for a break.

It has been all about harvest this week in Plum Class. Weren’t the children brilliant on Wednesday morning?  I thought they sang beautifully and I was also so proud of their braveness when performing in front of such a huge audience.  They sat and listened to friends from other classes so well too!  All in all, a special occasion.

We watched a video clip of a combine harvester at work on Monday and that inspired us to plan our own combines and bring these to reality in the shape of models.  The children were very proud of their finished products and were all able to name the important parts and explain their function. I do hope the children told you all about their models when they brought them home.  We had some wheat in our classroom earlier in the week and the children had fun finding the wheat grains and grinding them into flour.  We hope to make some bread next week. If you have time over the weekend, you could make some at home so that the children know the necessary ingredients.

In our mathematical work, we have been combining groups to make a total. We explained this addition process as having ‘parts’ that can then be put together to make the ‘whole’.  

You could sort some fruits or vegetables and then work out the parts and the whole.

In our PE work, we had some gym equipment out this week and we talked about how to make really good jumps.  We decided upon three rules:

  1. Bend your knees before you jump and when you land
  2. Use your arms to help get high in the air
  3. Land on your feet!

Maybe you could do some jumping over the weekend.

Whatever you get up to, I hope you have a great time!