Blog 19- wb 10th February

Another busy week as usual in Apple class. As well as thinking about birds, another focus has been Valentines Day. We started the week by having circle time to think carefully about people that we love. We went around the circle to say who we loved and why. We decided to share our love by making cards to give to someone who we care about. This involved developing our fine motor skills to cut and stick and provided opportunity to practice name writing.
To continue with the theme of love, in our mathematical work we made repeating patterns using hearts and paint. After modelling from an adult, most children understood a 2 part repeating pattern (red, blue, red, blue etc). After half term we will continue to develop our understanding of pattern in other ways (through actions- clap, stamp, clap, stamp).
As well as developing our knowledge of repeating patterns, we have also developed our understanding of capacity. In the tuff tray this week the children have LOVED exploring the coloured water, the measuring jugs and cylinders. This activity has provided excellent opportunity for the children to develop their mathematical language (empty, half full, full) and estimating skills (e.g. how many scoops of water will it take to fill to the top?). The children took turns, shared resources and used lots of problem solving skills. 
Recently, the children have shown more interest in the computer and so we decided to have a go at one of the popular games- Beep Beep. The game we chose to play involved simple coding. They had to use the arrows to navigate around the game. They had to pick up a cow, move it around the game to drop it in the bath.  Sounds very silly, but VERY fun! 
After a very busy half term I can tell the children are feeling tired and are in need of a much deserved week off. I hope you have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing you all refreshed after the break. When we return our focus for learning will be people who help us (Police, Fire, Doctors etc). If you have any contacts who could support this learning and would maybe like to come into school please let me know. 
Enjoy your week- Miss F