Blog 19th October

Another very busy week in Plum Class with lots of lovely learning opportunities. 
This week the letter sounds we have learnt are ‘e, l and h.’ At home with your child, you could find some objects or items around the house that begin with these letters and practise the formation. 
Our focus numbers this week have been 7 and 8. We’ve  been carefully and correctly forming numbers 7 and 8. We drew 7 leaves on a tree and carefully counted 8 stars and stuck them onto a giant number 8. Our favourite part of each lesson was watching Number Block videos on the Cbeebies website. You can find these videos by going on the Cbeebies website and typing in the search bar 'number blocks' 
In our topic work this week we have been learning about harvest. We have learnt what harvest is, why some people celebrate it and how the farmers harvest the land. We have drawn lots of fabulous pictures of fruits and vegetables and attempted to copy down the names of the fruit and vegetables.  We have made farms and tractors using a variety of resources and made our own scarecrows out of playdough. We watched a really exciting video of a combine harvester hard at work in a field and we did lots of talking in full sentences about the parts of the combine as well as describing how it works.  We drew very careful line drawings of combines and thought about some of the initial sounds of the key words.  Maybe you could have a go at making a combine harvester or a tractor at home this weekend with collage or junk modelling materials. 
Thank you to all of you who were able to attend our Harvest Assembly. The children really sang well and it was a such a great atmosphere. 
One more week to go!  We know that the children are getting tired but we're so proud of each and every one of them for the great start they have made to full time school.
Have a great weekend!