Blog 2- wb 14th September

What a busy but great week! The children have been very tired towards the end of the week and are definitely ready for a restful weekend. Whatever you're up to, stay safe and enjoy!
This week we have been extremely busy bees in Apple class and we have been learning all about our bodies as part of our topic, "All about me".  We began the week with some wake up shake up (you will find this on you tube if you'd like to have a go at home) to get our bodies moving and to develop our gross motor skills.  On Monday we focused on our different body parts and talked about what they are for and how they help us.
On Tuesday we read the story Funny Bones. The children LOVED this story and were fascinated to hear that we have bones under our skin! We talked lots about different types of skeletons and had a look at some different X-RAY pictures to see what bones look like. The children loved the elephant and giraffe skeleton the most. This led to us making our own skeleton pictures. The children used scissors to cut up straws (as bones) and had a go at using glue spreaders to stick down the "bones". Using scissors is very tricky for little fingers so please practice using scissors with your child at home (small child friendly scissors of course). After this, the children loved dancing to the funny bones song, why not have a dance at home!
In our mathematical work, we have been focusing on the vocabulary tallest and shortest. We have made a class height chart and talked about the difference between the height of our friends. Can you remember who is the tallest and shortest in our class?
As well as all of this busy learning, the children have been getting their bodies moving outside by riding bikes, running, jumping, dancing and climbing on the adventure playground. We have talked lots about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy.
As well as our topic focus, the children have been learning in so many other ways. A big part of our week is dressing independently for the outdoors. This is so important so please encourage your child to dress themselves and please get them to practice putting on their shoes as most children find this hard! We have also been developing our fine motor skills by "pinching" plastic pins to place into boards. We have been drawing, counting, listening to stories, engaging in LOTS of imaginative play and so much more!
Now that there are restrictions in place in Northumberland, please remember that only someone from your household or support bubble can drop off or pick up from school. We have to follow these measures by law to keep you and your child safe. 
Have a happy and safe weekend- Miss F