Blog 2- wb 23rd Sep

What a busy week in Apple class! This week we have been learning all about the body, centered around the story Funny Bones. We began the week by reading the story and talking about what is inside our bodies. The children enjoyed singing the song funny bones and thought it was very strange that they could feel some of the bones inside their body!
After reading the story,we compared different skeletons. We looked closely at x-ray pictures of body parts (hands and feet), different animal skeletons and even dinosaur skeletons too. The children enjoyed identifying the different skeletons and enjoyed comparing them. Then they went away and had a go at making their own skeleton using paint, art straws (as bones), glue and cotton buds. Most children were able to cut the art straws independently and could talk about their skeleton picture. Great work!
Around the classroom there has been lots of opportunity to practice other skills and practice and reflect upon the focus of the week (our body).  In the play doh area, we added some art straws (as bones) and encouraged the children to use their fine motor skills to make play doh skeletons! In the challenge area, the children were encouraged to make and build number blocks to practice their counting and number recognition. In the writing area at the start of the week the children had a go at making collages. Then, towards the end of the week the children were encouraged to draw their own skeletons and talk about what they were drawing. On the tuff tray this week the children have really enjoyed constructing using Mobilo. 
Every week in Apple class we will be learning two Makaton signs to support communication and language. This week we have learnt hello and thank you. The children have really enjoyed using Mr Tumble from Cbeebies to help us. I encourage you to support your children to use these signs at home. See the videos below to have a go!
Next week we will finish off our All About Me topic, learning all about the five senses. We will then begin our Autumn learning. Thank you for our first two responses to the Autumn homework. The children loved "showing off" their creations. Look out for our Autumn homework display soon.
As the weather appears to get wetter, please don't forget to bring in some wellies!
Hope your'e all having a great weekend- Miss F