Blog 20- wb 11th March

What a great week we have had in Apple class! This week, as part of our people who help us topic, we have learnt more about doctors, nurses and paramedics.
The children started the week by playing in our new doctors role play area. They have engaged in fantastic role play and learnt some new vocabulary too. Do you know what machine a doctor uses to check your bones? We continued the week by learning more about X-Rays and the children had time to create their own X-Ray pictures. Some of them are now on display in our doctors surgery! 
Later in the week, the children had a visit from a local paramedic. This was really exciting! We got to see what paramedics wear and find out about their job role. The most exciting part was when he bandaged up some of the children! Have a look at some of the pictures attached.
As part of our free play, the children have been practicing their cutting skills (cutting out pictures of people who help us), developing their fine motor skills on the challenge table (threading cheerios onto spaghetti), developing their mathematical vocabulary in the investigation area (by pretending to make cakes and then sell them at the shops) and enjoying making marks on the easel (a popular activity this week).
Next week is stay and play and we will be learning all about the job of a dentist and how we can keep our teeth healthy at home. Don't forget to sign up if you haven't already done so!
Have a great weekend everyone!