Blog 20- wb 24th February

Welcome back everyone after February half term! The children have had a great week and are definitely ready for a rest this weekend after a busy start to our second half of Spring term. 
As you can see by the pictures attached we had lots of fun on Monday exploring the snow. We wrapped up warm and headed out onto our big school field to explore! The children said the snow was cold, freezing, icy, wet, chilly and crunchy. Great vocabulary! 
This week our focus has been on the book "I Spy Numbers". This book is all about finding the hidden numbers in everyday items. For example, 2 wheels on a bike, 5 points on a star, 4 corners on a cushion. This book allows for deeper mathematical thinking and really shows a true mastery approach to maths. Each day we have focused on a different number (1-5) and thought carefully about what this number looks like, where it is in the book and then applied our knowledge by finding things around the classroom that represent that number. When I asked the children to find things in the classroom some children struggled with the concept of bringing back 1 item that represented numbers 2-5. For example, for number 3, some children would bring back 3 of the same item rather than 1 triangle that had 3 corners. However, a lot of children were able to do this after modelling. Why not have a go around the house, garden or even out an about. It is amazing to see what the children come up with. Please show us what you have found on your learning journals.
As well as a big number focus this week, we have continued to learn simple coding on the computer by navigating our favourite game, Beep Beep. We have practiced name writing, using mathematical language in the tuff tray, matching and completing patterns using compare bears, using scissors and much more! 
This week we have begun "Soundabout" time. This is dedicated time to focus on learning phase one phonic skills. Phase one phonic is learnt all of the time during Nursery sessions but we thought this would be a nice way for the children to take notice that they are learning these skills.  As this week we have looked at pattern, we decided our focus would be copying rhythms and patterns through actions. This was modelled at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week some children were able to make up their own for others to copy. Fantastic!
Next week we will begin our topic learning of People Who Help Us (Police,Fire service, Doctors etc). We are excited to start this topic and we are hoping to have some visitors. If you know anyone who may wish to pay us a visit please let us know. 
Don't forget that Thursday 5th March is World Book Day. Please dress up as your favourite story character!
Have a great weekend- Miss F