Blog 20 - 17th March

In the classroom this week, we began thinking about the fire service and what firefighters do to help us in our community. We explored the equipment that a fire fighter needs and named parts of the fire engine: 
Then, on Tuesday we were lucky enough to have a visit from our local fire fighters in their fire engine. The children loved every minute of this visit. They got the chance to climb aboard and to explore all of the equipment and uniform (helmet and gloves.) The children learnt some more new words:
life jacket
Getting the chance to squirt water from the hose was a real highlight and the children's faces showed their excitement and engagement. 
We have used our exploration of the fire service to continue our learning. We used two dimensional shapes to create our own fire engines - the children are becoming very confident in their use of shape names:
Some of us even enjoyed using and naming semi circles, oblongs and hexagons. 
We continued our number recognition skills by squirting water to put out the 'number fires' in our Apple Class garden. Many children are becoming very confident with numbers 1-10 and this is really pleasing. Some children are working towards recognising numbers up to 5 and it's so great to see the progress that they are making with this. Lots of exposure to these numbers every day helps consolidation. You can support this by having numbers visible at home. 
Thank you to everyone who contributed £1 on Friday for Comic Relief. It was very strange seeing a "sea of red" and not purple! 
Have a good weekend everyone - it looks a little brighter out there today! 
Mrs Farrar and Mrs Grimes