Blog 22- wb 9th March

What a great week in Apple class! We have been super busy learning all about Doctor's/Paramedics as part of out topic, People Who Help Us. Unfortunately, our visit from the Paramedics was cancelled due to demands from Covid-19. However, that didn't stop us! We were able to watch videos and learn lots on CBeebies. Throughout the week our focus has been developing our vocabulary to support our learning. Our vocab used: stethescope, X-Ray, bandage, ambulance and paramedic. We began the week by talking about the role of a Doctor/Paramedic and how they help us. The children have enjoyed engaging in some fantastic role-play this week and have used the vocabulary superbly! Dr Ranj from CBeebies has taught us lots about X-Ray's this week and so we have enjoyed creating our own X-Ray pictures. See the pictures attached. We have also talked about the importance of emergency vehicles. The children used a range of junk modelling materials to make their own! See the pictures attached.
This week, whilst playing outside, we have noticed lots of signs of Spring! In our garden we have spotted: flowers growing, buds on trees, frogs and frogspawn in the pond and a beautiful rainbow in the sky! The weather is slowly getting warmer and we have had lots of fun in the sunshine!
On Friday it was sport relief and our sponsored dance-a-thon. Thank you for your support in raising money and remembering to get your sponsor forms signed. Don't forget to return your sponsor money and forms by the 23rd March. The pictures attached show the fun we had!
This week has been a particularly busy week in school with a huge focus on hygiene. As we always do we have been stressing the importance of hand washing and keeping fingers out of noses and mouths. Please reiterate this at home too. 
Next week we will be learning more about Police officers. We have a visit arranged from the Police on Monday morning and we are very excited!
Have a great weekend everyone!- Miss F