Blog 23 - 26th April

Hello everyone,
Another fun and enjoyable week in Apple class. This week we've been exploring planting and growing and using our green fingers to help tidy up the flowers and plants in our garden.
On Monday, some very special (magic beans) were left on the carpet - this was to inspire the children's imaginations. Our thinking questions was around these special, magic beans! "If you planted your magic bean - by putting it in a pot of soil, adding some water and leaving it somewhere in the sunshine, what would yours turn in to?" As you can imagine, we had many different responses to this question, all of which will be displayed in the classroom in the next couple of weeks! 
On Tuesday, we read and started to think about our core text Jasper's Beanstalk (I have attached this story below for you and your child to listen together at home - at the end of the story there are some questions you may like to think about together too!) 
We've also planted our very own magic beans and discussed what's needed for a plant to grow. Many children knew that a plant needed, soil, water and sunlight to grow. We are going to observe our beans over the next few weeks and watch them change from a seed to a shoot etc before letting them go home in the last week of this half term. 
 Have a great weekend everyone - wrap up warm apparently we're in for another cold one! 
Mrs Farrar 
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